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Events and Activities

February 2024

Saturday 24th - Fresh Air (Weather Dependant)

Sunday 25th - Songs of Praise

Monday 26th - Bertie Blighty

Tuesday 27th - One to Ones (Up and Down)

Wednesday 28th - Eve Kiddley Divey

Thursday 29th - One to Ones (Up and Down)

March 2024

Friday 1st - Male voice choir

Saturday 2nd - Sporting Saturday

Monday 4th - Spring Quiz

Tuesday 5th - George and His ball Sports

Monday 11th - Paul Watkins Singer

Tuesday 12th - Bingo

Friday 15th - Visit from the exotic Zoo

Monday 25th - Bertie Blighty

April 2024

Wednesday 10th - Sal the Story teller

Friday 12th - Stars in their eyes show